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4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk to you about your business

We work with you to identify your  known and unknown business processes.  Once identified we develop preliminary recommendation utilizing the latest technologies to demonstrate areas to improve efficiencies immediately.  Technologies advance a level every 3-6 months.  Each time they change there are opportunities to utilize current technology to improve processes.  If you haven’t examined your business processes in the last 3 years your 6-10 generations behind the current technology curve and are beginning to fall behind in the competitive potential and paying more for the same things your competition is.

Does your business office have cubicles?  If so are you still using one desktop per person?  That’s an old business process based on how computers evolved.  You can get 1-4 from a single computer with out compromising performance!  And you now need maintenance contracts on one instead of 4.  Your leasing costs go down 75% as you reduce computers on location by 75%.

Does your company have 1000+ employees with computers?  If so you can save $200,000 a years with just utilizing good power management policies managed by the active directory servers.

Are you under purchasing your computer needs or over purchasing computer needs?  We will do the metrics so there is no guesswork.  You will know exactly the most appropriate computer for each process.  If you under purchase your processes are inhibited and you lose money.  If you over purchase your processes are efficient but you lose money on the systems and support of those systems. We can help you hit the sweet spot so you stop losing money with computer purchases that are not appropriate.

Are your servers to big (over paid) or to small for throughput needed (under paid)?  Are you utilizing virtualization?  If not your losing money!

2.) We crunch the numbers

Every process and sub process is analyzed to for opportunities to improve costs and efficiency.  We have data down to the power consumption level of a computer when logging in, opening a program, sitting idle, rendering files.  We know the actual cost of operating computers and will use those metrics to provide you with a detailed operational analysis including high level graphs with metrics.

We will analyze printer shares, distance to printers and loss of productive time based on that distance.  We will review the processes in as much finite detail as you desire and from that assessment give you recommendations guaranteed to improve productivity and save money.

What is your default font for your printers?  Are you losing money by just using the wrong default font?

If you have a support center, we can review your service desk processes including ticket allocation processes and reduce costs to administrator solutions for those tickets.

If you have specific areas you know need improvement but attempts to improve fall short, let us analyze those processes for you and give you recommendations that WILL work, GUARANTEED!

3.) You get a list of improvements

Details are provided back to you listing processes and categorized as known/unknown and those are listed in order of potential dollar savings with columns for immediate, 1yr and 5 yrs savings.   You will receive well defined recommendations and the supporting documentation to be comfortable making the decisions required to implement new solutions.

Each process will have a rating of importance to implement based not just upon dollar savings but a combination of money and efficiencies gained towards the overall business process (mission).

If desired we will also recommend vendors that we know to provide quality in the respective area.  Our #1 goal is to help you!

4.) The solutions begin

After getting detailed review of your business we work together to implement those cost savings to your business and help your company become more competitive utilizing the most appropriate technology for the solutions needed, saving you money, Improving your process times and creating greater efficiency in those processes.  That is our Guarantee to you!

In fact, we are so confident in our solutions, we Guarantee that we will provided you savings not double our fee, nor triple, or quadruple, not tenfold, but if we cannot provide you recommendations that will save you 100 times our fee, our service to you is FREE!

Not one other company makes that promise to you!  That’s right!  If we cannot provide recommendations that will save you 100 times our fee, you get to keep the solutions and act upon them free!

Be warned, we will reach that goal EVERY time! So if your ready to improve your business and save money, call us!

We put our fee where our mouth is!  You get 100x our fee in savings or its FREE!  Are you ready to save money and improve your business?

Call today and schedule your review today!

A little bit about me
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Previous Employers

  • Collin County Texas
  • Computer Services International
  • MBA, Inc.
  • Innovative Computer Corporation

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Solution Examples from Collin County

  • Collin County – Reduced unit cost per desktop computer from $2850 a unit to $$450 a unit (1700).  Savings of $4,080,000.00!
    • Not only did they save $4M but those came with 3yr on site service reducing back end cost!  And the systems components were 5x better improving throughput in all areas of the business!
  • Collin County – Server virtualization. Five  year operational savings $12,800,000.00!
  • Collin County – Software replacement.  Replaced budgeted software with cheaper more robust software that did the same thing for a savings of $780,000.00!

Unlike solutions from Most companies, NONE of these cost Collin County a single additional budgeted dollar to implement the solutions!  All solutions were done within current budgeted dollars for similarly planned items.  The amounts shown are pure savings!  In the case of the desktop and software replacement solutions the savings were immediately felt in budget savings.  The server virtualization solution presented itself in yearly avoided costs.  (This solution was implemented 7 years ago and still operates as a leading edge technology solution!)